Jakarta (UNAS) – National University and its Guanxi University For Natiolities (GXUN), China re-entered into a collaboration in the context of language exchanges between the two countries. Housed in the Chinese Cultural Park Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta National University through the Center for Study of Chinese Culture (PKBT) re-organized event titled “Billingual 3rd Stage”. Activities that displays proficiency between the two universities have helped take a lot of attention from various circles not to mention the participants meet Chinese Culture Park, Sunday (21/5).

In his speech Prof. Dr. Iskandar Fitri. ST.MT as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs said that the dual language activities between Unas and GXUN an Unas commitment in preparing for the International sound generation. Differences in ethnicity, race, culture or ethnicity should not be used as a means to divide the unity among the people but the difference – the difference he said, can be used as a means to mutually improve itself in the complete lack of each – each country. Since every culture of the other country can serve as an example and role model to continue to grow. And he pointed out how the culture of labor discipline Chinese People able to create a state of China became one of the influential state in the world today is the opposite state of China can learn from Indonesia on how Indonesia can take care of Unity so that a national culture that gave birth to the peace, tranquility and security of the middle – amid differences of ethnicity, religion or race in Indonesia.

“I am very proud for the implementation of these activities because the amount of benefits to be gained for both universities is mainly in the field of cultural exchange and language. In the future I hope that this kind of activity does not only focus on the exchange of language but it can be contribute ideas, innovation and creativity between the two countries so as to make the face of education in Indonesia are becoming more advanced and modern in thought and culture “, said Alexander.

While it met after the event Dr. Soen Ai Ling. MA as Chairman of the Study Center of Chinese Culture (PKBT) also said that the event is held in cooperation between the Office of International Cooperation (IMC) Unas with the University Ghuangxi China (GXUN) as for the purpose of the event is in the framework of the separation and delivery of certificates for the seventeenth students Ghuangxi Chinese who have finished the program organized by the Indonesian National University. And he hopes that in the future more and more students – foreign students who want to study the Indonesian in Unas.

“Hopefully with this activity more and more of the foreign students who want to learn the culture and Indonesian so that later, when they returned to the country merka each – each they can spread and teach the message – a positive message about the culture and Indonesian. I am very optimistic that all Indonesian someday be able to become one of the languages recognized by the international community “, said Soen Ai Ling.

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