Jakarta (UNAS) – A total of 50 participants filled the room looks Hall Block 1 floor IV National University since 0900 GMT. The participants consisting of lecturers, teachers, students and students – representatives of SMAN / SMKN derived from the district so enthusiastic market this week following the seminar organized by the National University Faculty of Literature Indonesia. Entitled “Scientific Article Writing Training”. The seminar was held on Friday (21/4) was attended by speakers such as Dr. Wahyu Wibowo MM (Senior Lecturer Literature Indonesia), Dra. Dad Murniah, M. Hum (Kemendikbud Language Board) and Vishnu Drs.SST Sasangka, MPD (Kemendikbud Language Board).

Chairman of the Indonesian Literature Study Program, Drs. Somadi Sosrohadi, M.Pd said that the aim of the seminar and the training is based on a sense of concern throughout the Indonesian Literature lecturer in the environment of the National University for reduced interest in reading and writing from students who are now more likely to be practical and fast without the hassle copying and recording. This occurs due to continued technological development so rapid gadgets to make young people become lazy thinking, innovating lazy lazy even noted. This time he said they only need to access the google and then copying and copying with ease without going to read, correct and understand the contents of the text.

This training trying to open the horizons of students consisting of students and students – it’s about how to make the writing is good and right in accordance with the scientific framework and rules – rules that are currently adopted by the Board of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. Here we try to revive the passion for reading, copying and understand the entire contents of the materials that we get during college, said Somadi.

“I’m sorry about the circumstances that befall young generation, especially my students who currently live in an age in which the current generation of android access to information so quickly and easily obtained. They only need to access information through their android, then within 1 minute they already get detailed information they need. With their convenience – ease that makes the students fall asleep they no longer want to think hard, think creatively and innovate in developing a work or a task – the task of tuition charged to them. This has an impact to their poor ability in making a paper – writing and works – works in accordance with the rules and scientific framework that is good and true, “said Somadi.

Hopefully with this training adannya the participants were able to change a habit – a habit they are in search for information via their gadget.

“Be generation who want to work hard, willing to think critically and daring imagination in developing an essay. Do not be a generation that is able to copy the entire contents of the materials and mencotek without going to study, learn and understand first the entire content of reading have you copy it, “he concluded.

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